Gradient Vera


This is my personal website and blog, where I will post about a variety of topics such as programming, 3D printing, Nix, game development, etc…

About Vera#

I also go by “gradientvera” or “Zumorica” sometimes.

I’m a software developer and an aspiring indie game developer. I also used to maintain Space Station 14 and its game engine, RobustToolbox.

I use NixOS on all my machines and I’m fairly passionate about it. I also use Lix btw.


Spanish, English, currently learning Toki Pona!

Programming languages#

C#, Nix, TypeScript/JavaScript, HTML, Python, nushell…
I’ve been learning Rust recently, too.


Game engine: Not Invented Here, I prefer to make my own! Alternatively, RobustToolbox.
Web Framework: Blazor, Astro
IDE: Rider, vscode
Linux Distro: NixOS
Desktop Environment: KDE Plasma 6