Gradient Vera
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Tripping Girl 2

Looking back on the last five hundred years, she realized
she had been tripping over the same rock all along,
or perhaps she had already realized this long ago.

She tripped over the rock, and thought again…
“Next time, I will try to jump instead.”

Each time she fell, it hurt more and more.
She knew what to do, but was too scared.
Perhaps at this rate, she’ll never learn!

She quickly got up, and continued her journey,
making plans in advance for the next time.

A rock stood in her way, and she knew what to do.
However, she waited until the last moment to jump…
And her attemp was met with failure once more.

A journey of a thousand years, filled with just a single rock.
And whether she tripped again or not… Is still inside a cat box.

Tripping Girl 2
Gradient Vera
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