Gradient Vera
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Her eyes open once again… But she is still trapped in hell.
Surrounded by those she hates, she is quick to seethe again.
A kind facade she displays. Yet deep down she’s in a haze.
However, the girl is flawed. She knows, she falls in a daze.
A hell she put herself in. No one forces her to stay.
“Perhaps it’s a silly phase”, the girl mutters to herself,
as she is swallowed by hell and consumed whole by hatred.
A broken mirror, a shard of glass… They reflect the girl.
A blood-red sea, a warm current, a reason to exist.
What is it that the girl seeks? Heaven, hell, to change herself?
She will aimlessly wander the land for a thousand years
until the day she finds a solution to her problems.
As it should be, for hatred has no place in her pure heart.
One day, the girl shall purify the hatred and leave hell.

Gradient Vera
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