Gradient Vera
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A Dialogue about Souls at the End of the World

I think about it, once again.
A sad epiphany revealed,
everything is temporary.
My existence, and yours as well…
The connections I had once loved
disappear like a burning book.
Each page filled with bright memories
that are now gone, forever lost…
The pain remains, scarring my soul,
brewing hatred, fueling fire.
Stop now, let it go. Heal your soul and then come back.
I tried, perhaps I have no hope…
And the wait only made things worse.
Don’t you worry, the wait will come to an end soon.
And a bright ray of hope shall shine upon you, then.
But what if it’s all for nothing?
Then the wait will be longer, the path arduous…
And when you reach your goal, everything will be fine.
No matter how long you have to wait, it’s worth it.
Even if the sickness that torments your poor soul
will never go, it can be alleviated.
Pray now, cursed one! And be gone while you wait for hope…
You may be heading your way now, but you’ll be back.

A Dialogue about Souls at the End of the World
Gradient Vera
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