Zumorica's poetry

Some of the poetry I've written over the years.
Your SOUL is reflected on your writing.

Tripping girl 1/4

She tripped over a rock again. The girl quickly got up and then she swore she would never again step on another rock. She then continued her walk, as she heard a faraway mock. Her mood had dropped once more, as she lied on the ground of a shore. What was the girl waiting for? She should return to the route, but instead the girl blacked out. The girl woke up, she freaked out. There was a rock in front of her. She didn't expect this to occur. Ah, little girl... If you were to blame someone for this, you would most likely miss. This can only be called remiss, and the one to blame is you. You always know what to do, every time you fell, you knew. - Zumorica

Tripping girl 2/4

Looking back on the last five hundred years, she realized she had been tripping over the same rock all along, or perhaps she had already realized this long ago. She tripped over the rock, and thought again... "Next time, I will try to jump instead." Each time she fell, it hurt more and more. She knew what to do, but was too scared. Perhaps at this rate, she'll never learn! She quickly got up, and continued her journey, making plans in advance for the next time. A rock stood in her way, and she knew what to do. However, she waited until the last moment to jump... And her attemp was met with failure once more. A journey of a thousand years, filled with just a single rock. And whether she tripped again or not... Is still inside a cat box.

Tripping girl 3/4

This poem is forever lost.

Tripping girl 4/4

Getting over that rock wasn't tough. Back then, I thought it was a bluff¦ Now, I've learned that I can do anything. I just need to put my heart to it... After all, I have the wit to overcome everything.

Days, weeks, years

A day went by. Then, a week became a month and after that, a year but in the end, a lifetime. It was over, but I was okay. Heartbreaks only last so long.

The night swallows her sighs

The night swallows her sighs, and her cries go unheard. She tries to gasp for air, but instead chokes on her regrets. The girl had failed to reach the hands of those who cared. And as her descent into the void continues, she ponders the moment it all went wrong, the moment she failed. Memories flood her mind, as tears filled her eyes. In a grey ocean, she helplessly tries to stay afloat.


Incomplete, empty. The girl walks a lonely road. Half of her is now missing, entirely gone. Behind her, thousands of memories, regrets... ...Which she will ignore until she forgets. Unwanted, ignored. The girl was like a broken toy. Her other half completely gone, where did it go? It was ripped apart in the past, and she was let go. She will never belong anywhere ever again.


The grey sea swallowed the girl whole. Drowning, she finally lets go of all the things that tied her to this world.


I may be to blame... I am not to blame! Or am I to blame? No, you are to blame! You are not to blame... Or are you to blame? It is quite the shame... The ones we became. Point the one to blame!


I have forgotten your scent... But also the time we spent together in that small room. Back then, I could not assume that you were going absent from my life. Such an event caused the marbles in my head to break into a thin thread spiraling out of control, turning into a black hole, and leaving me less than whole. "What will I do about you?" If only back then I knew... The gist behind your drunk words.

The sound of silence

There is a reason for us to stay together like this. Our lives are indeed a mess... Being together like this brings all of us quite some bliss. The sound of silence is best when you are not by yourself.

Mess of a world

Although my body is already dead... I can still see you, I can still hear you. Unlike you, I already lost my mind to this chaotic world I created. Will you come see me? Trapped in my coffin, I await the day you come set me free... I miss you, my dearest. My only friend in this mess of a world I created. - Sophie <Monochrome Requirement>

The Puppeteer

Endless creature with no origin and no end... The puppeteer has no name, no gender, no age... Such lonely being! It has not a single friend, for their purpose isolates them inside a cage. They're tasked with controlling the fate of every soul! Yet they have been cursed with a fate they can't control... Oh, puppeteer... Why don't you please tell us your goal? Not a single soul can keep up with the death toll! Back then, you did not curse us with such cruel fates. Oh, cruel puppeteer! Is that perhaps your role? Ah, maybe the black hole swallowed your kindness whole.

Dreaming girl 1

The pleasant dream fades away into the cold night. As reality sets back in, I realize the sad truth again. I'm stuck inside this neverending nightmare, forever. I close my eyes, hoping to fall asleep one more time. I'm not done dreaming yet, I need just one more day to come to terms with reality, and accept the night A little girl living inside my dreams wonders today whether her dreams will ever become real someday.

Dreaming girl 2

An impossible dream that will never come true. Again, I wonder what I will do about you. And when I think about it, my day becomes blue. A hyperfixation that very slowly grew. And now it's out of control... Oh, what will I do? Ah, how after everything that I have been through... I let myself dream again... Wake up from this dream!


I wonder what is wrong with me. Love is truly like a sickness. Suddenly you start to feel bad for something as silly and dumb as not getting a damn farewell. And I am the one to blame here, for you haven't done anything wrong. I don't want to go back to this nightmare normal people call love.

Nighttime love

And suddenly every day, you await for her return. The sky is no longer gray, and you will no longer yearn the love you lost long ago. (But deep, deep inside you know this love is unrequited) She's back, you are delighted! Oh, what will you do today? For her sake, you will now stay up late, go to sleep later... Just to spend more time with her. "I love you" you wish to say... "I love you" you wish to hear. And now you wish to stay here. You don't want to go away. A faraway land of dreams isn't good enough without her! (Again, you fall through the seams of reality... Wake up.)

Daytime Love

There is a bit of me in you... A little bit of you in me. Ah, I think we can both agree. Our lives are much better in two... Over are the days of the pain that struck our poor souls every day... Your sole presence keeps it at bay. And I want to see you again when I wake up in a new day.

Left out

A girl, singled out from everywhere... That once again has turned to prayer... Cries again, hearing all the fake cheers. Once again she cannot stop her tears. Used to fill the quota, she's left out. They don't want her there, they're using her! And they are laughing behind her back. The girl wishes to get her payback. Without causing too much of a stir. She just wants to be seen as normal. She can't keep acting so informal...! Oh, what will the girl do about it? As she slowly falls into the pit, A helping hand finally appears. "Ah, let me put an end to those tears. It seems you and I have been left out. Those bad people... We can do without! Just take my hand, and it will be fine. And as I take your hand, please take mine. For I was sadly left out as well, yet on that sad past I will not dwell. Please let it go as we leave this hell."

Dead World

Engulfed in a never-ending night, the world now offers an awful sight. Albeit it fought with all its might, the bright white light lost to the midnight. A blight with spite that we couldn't quite fight.

Chaotic World

Hatred, lies and abuse. A world turned to chaos. And forced to watch it all, someone sits at the top. Iron chains bind their wrists to this now hopeless world. "What a disgusting sight..." they mutter while frowning.


And everything is terrible. Absolutely nothing is fine. This life is just unbearable. Here I finally draw the line: Yes, this little problem of mine has been going on for a while. I can no longer fake a smile and the bad feelings make a pile. Oh well, doubts keep me up at night. Burnout always comes with daylight. Nowadays no days are alright. Because I see death on the streets, and I see hate from the elites. And honestly I'm getting tired because all I get from this is sometimes getting inspired to write into the abyss in hopes of being admired. I realize I seem wired but that is simply not true: All the time I just feel blue.

Drunk Words

"What will I do about you?" she said. I held my phone as I laid in bed. These words resonate inside my head. I asked what you meant, you laughed instead having forgotten what you just said. Those drunk words would pave the road ahead for the dread I felt the day you fled.


Artificial wind blowing in my face, I blink as I am thinking about space. My thoughts are interrupted by a sound: It's a message from an old friend, I found. Hit by nostalgia, I type my reply... Recalling when there was blue in the sky.


Have I been absorbed by the loop? With no end in sight, I move forwards. A fault in the system, gone unnoticed. When will this loop come to a halt? I wander the plane of existance. A new iteration takes place once more. Have I been absorbed by the loop? A cry without answer, drowned by noise. Wake up, wake up, wake up. This isn't real. When will this loop come to a halt? I wonder why I am still alive. Nobody notices my calls for help.


This world of ours is truly wretched. Isn't everything supposed to be fine? Poetry shows us this is not true... This messed up world of ours has to change. Is my message not gonna go through? A poem that will reach nobody. Call it an unheard message, maybe... For no one will try to decrypt it. Help yourself to this poem and go.


What kind of person do they think I am? The dissonance is truly depressing, empty lies fill their minds with illusions. As their laughs fill my head with delusions.


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